Critiquing Guidelines

It is easier to elicit constructive criticism with positive rather than negative points, and specific rather than generic criteria.

Points to consider when analyzing and reviewing a layout:

1. Overall Design
• Are the page elements unified and balanced?
• Is your eye led through the layout?
• Does the layout have a strong focal point?
• What are the strengths of the composition?
• What are the weaknesses?

2. Color
• Are the colors harmonious?
• Is the color scheme appropriate for the subject?
• Does the color palette complement the photos?
• How could they be improved?
• What makes the colors work?

3. Photography
• Do the images convey an emotion or tell a story?
• Are photos cropped appropriately?
• Do the subjects in the photos look into the page?
• Does the photography add or detract from the layout design? How could it be improved?

4. Journaling
• Does the title set the mood for the page?
• Does the journaling tell the whole story?
• Is the font appropriate and easy to read?
• What would improve the journaling?
• What are the strengths of the journaling?

5. Details
• Do the page embellishments enhance the layout?
• Are the techniques well executed?
• Does the layout convey a message?
• Are there too many embellishments? Too few?
• What embellishment choices would improve the design?
• What little extras would give this layout some extra pizzazz?

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