Thursday Tip #18

Go to your local scrapbook store to use their punches, tools, etc. This way you can get more information and get some hands-on experience to see what tools you really need.

Thursday Tip #17

Check out the dollar stores and mass market stores (like Walmart) for inexpensive supplies.

Most pens are now archival quality so you don't need to buy a special pen.

Use every day items to help you get organized, such as baskets, flower pots, containers, binders, small buckets, etc.

You can find lots of goodies at flea markets and garage sales.

Thursday Tip #16

When developing 35mm film, get duplicates. Duplicates is cheaper than getting reprints later.

Scrapbook & Cards Today - Summer Issue

The summer issue is here. This issue boasts a fun assortment of seasonal layouts, fresh cards, and our 10 most wanted, as well as lots of tips, techniques, and innovative solutions.

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Here is some of what you’ll find in the summer issue:
  • Beautiful, Bountiful Brads — You don’t want to miss our celebration of this versatile embellishment.
  • Celebrating Teens and Inbetweens — Check out these sure-fire solutions to creating fabulous teen layouts.
  • What’s Your Status? — Read one designer’s story of her journey into the vast world of Internet chatter (and see how it relates to her scrapbooking on a daily basis).
  • Just “Shoot” Me — Join Kathy Thompson Laffoley as she shares her secrets for great outdoor photography .
  • I Spy with Emily — Designer Emily Pitts shares her thoughts on the latest trend in scrapbooking this season — canvas.
  • It’s My Party — Designer Kim Hughes has created a fabulous kid’s birthday party set — complete with an invitation, a pop-up card, favours, a festive banner, and more.

Thursday Tip #15

The best way to journal right onto your background paper is to write it lightly in pencil first. This way if you make any mistakes you can fix them before committing to pen. Use a writing pen to trace over your pencil markings, when the ink is completely dry, erase the pencil marks with a white eraser.

Thursday Tip #14

A good way to use your Glue Dots without touching them, is to press the item you are adhering to the Glue Dot. You can also carefully use your craft knife to lift the glue dot and place it where you need it. If you need a smaller piece, use your craft knife to cut the Glue Dot in half -- just be careful of the blade.

Thursday Tip #13

Do you have problems tearing the paper when you dry emboss? Don't push down too hard on the stylus while dry embossing and try rubbing the area you want to emboss with wax paper first. The wax paper helps to "lubricate" the cardstock so that the stylus will flow easily over it and therefore avoid tearing.

Thursday Tip #12

Do you ever find that once you have placed your lumpy pages in your scrapbook, (no matter how hard you try to keep your embellishments from pressing into the other pages) the pages often get damaged? For a quick, cheap, and easy way to keep your scrapbook pages unharmed, pick up a sheet of foam paper. Available at all major crafting stores.

Cut approximately 8-16 strips (1/2 inch-1 inch) lengthwise out of an 8x10 sheet of foam paper. Punch holes in the strips and then place them in between every 5 or so pages of your scrapbook (replacing those flimsy cardboard strips that come with your page refills). This will create an extra space between all your pages and will eliminate damage due to lumpy embellishments.

Foam paper will cost you just pennies for a sheet and, will save you so much by keeping your treasured layouts dent and damage free!

Thursday Tip #11

When you journal, are you at a loss for words? Do you sometimes repeat the same words over and over again? Keeping a small Thesaurus handy near your workspace is a great way to make your writing more eloquent - just look up the word you want to use, find its synonym and soon your journaling will flow like poetry.

Do It Today Challenge #2

Pick up the phone and schedule specifically a cropping time during the next two weeks for you and a friend at a in-home crop or for yourself at a local store.


Take the time to cut ATCs from patterned paper you won't use for layouts.


Create some inchies.